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Beer & Wieners Rule!

At Lucky Louie’s Beer and Wieners, we offer a break from boring and ordinary. Stop in for a cold beer and a hot Smith’s Wiener. We carry over 300 different selections of craft, import and domestic bottled beer; and our stock is ever-changing. Our brews are chilled to perfection. Pull up a barstool and enjoy a tall, cold one along with one of our Lucky Louie’s Signature Weenies. Plain old hot dog? Yah, we’ve got it, but why settle for plain when you can have a Neener Wiener, an Asian Invasion or a Chicago Dog. Check out our Wiener page to get all the delicious details. Whatever your tastes, we’ve got the wiener for you!

A wiener a day keeps the shrink away.

Thirsty For More?

Bored with your watered down “lager” that’s chock-full of adjunct ingredients like rice and corn? At Lucky Louie’s Beer and Wieners, we have a beer for everyone. When it comes to selection, we’re the best around. We proudly carry local and regional beer selections as well as hometown favorites such as Erie Brewing, Lavery, Voodoo, Southern Tier, Yuengling and Straub. We also have lots of wine coolers and refreshing fruit beers for those who don’t enjoy hoppy and malty flavors.

In addition, we carry hard to find, limited-release seasonals. Check it out! Our Beer Gallery features over 20 different breweries. Click on any image to get brewery details and see our recommendation for something new and different.

Can’t stay to play?

We’ve got bottled beer to go! Mix and match your perfect six-pack! When you carry your six-pack out, we’ll miss your company, but we’ll give you a discount! With about 300 different choices of craft, import and domestic bottled beer, we’re able to please even the pickiest beer hound.

Bragging Rights!

Brag us up with a genuine Lucky Louie’s Erie, PA t-shirt. Proudly invite your friends to “Ask me about my wiener!” Sizes small to XX Large available (T-shirts, that is). When the smack-talking starts, bring ‘em by for a wiener of their own. Tasting is believing.

We accept


Specials? Everything here is special!

Lucky Louie’s Erie Beer & Wieners in Erie, PA has over 300 domestic, import and craft beers chilled to perfection and easy to browse in our wall to wall glass door coolers.

Lucky Louie’s Beer and Wieners on Rt. 97 in Erie, PA has over 300 selections of domestic, import and craft beers. Mix n’ match your perfect 6-pack to go!

Lucky Louie’s Gourmet Wiener Menu has 28 delectable hot dog options.  We use Smith’s Natural casing wieners and Andouille Sausage exclusively.  We’ve  got spicy, classic and even Reuben wieners.

Our customers deserve quality! Smith’s Natural Casing Wieners and Smith’s Andouille Sausage make our wiener menu the best anywhere. Enhance your cold beer with a delicious dog from our unique wiener selection.

At Lucky Louie’s Erie Beer & Wieners in Erie, PA, our customers deserve the best quality.  That’s why we only use Schwebel’s buns for our deluxe gourmet wiener menu.

The only way to make one of our Smith’s gourmet wieners better is to serve it on a genuine Schwebel’s bun; and have it served to you with a sassy attitude and a cold craft beer!

Lucky Louie’s Erie Beer & Wieners knows that wieners go best with a cold drink and chips.  We carry Stewart’s Soft Drinks and Herr’s Snack Foods to go with our gourmet wieners.

Tired of the same old, same old? Have your dog with a genuine Stewart’s soft drink product and a bag of Herr’s chips or cheese curls. What better way to take a break from ho-hum?

Lucky Louie’s Beer & Wieners in Erie, PA is a proud provider of hard-to-find Bawl’s Energy Drinks.  Try one today to find out why Guarana is so popular.

Lucky Louie’s is proud to offer Bawl’s Guarana products. Try one today and see why the smooth taste and highly carbonated kick of Bawl’s is a favorite liquid refreshment of heavy-eyed students, techies, athletes and professionals everywhere.